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Nintendo Will Likely Reveal The Roost In Animal Crossing Direct


This week, we’re getting a Nintendo Direct for Animal Crossing specifically. I reckon that Nintendo has a trick up its sleeve, and will be revealing a lot of new stuff outside of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. However, I also believe that the company is getting ready to add The Roost to the game. This is a feature that hasn’t been part of the game to date, but it’s something that players and fans of the series will know about all too well. In fact, it’s been one of the glaringly obvious missing pieces of content. But what is The Roost?

The Roost is a cafe in the Animal Crossing world. You can help set it up, go there and relax with other Villagers, and just have a good time. However, I think Nintendo is going to make it so much more in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. After all, this game has been so much more involved than any of the previous titles. Instead of The Roost just appearing, I think we’ll have to build items and leave them in a certain location as we have done with every other structure. After that though, I think we’ll get some control of the cafe itself.

The Roost will probably be a business that players can run on their island. They can serve the Villagers who live there and make a profit in Bells from the income. I also think that you’ll be able to upload your cafe in a similar way to the dream states that already exists. This will allow other players to visit your cafe and experience it for themselves. It could even be a legitimate way of selling goods between players. Nintendo has been trying to tackle this for a while, and now it might address it with an entirely new feature.

I’d love to invite people to my cafe and serve them tea and coffee all day. That’s a dream of mine in real life, so of course I’ll do it in this incredibly cosy game. It needs to be done right though, and if Nintendo knows what it’s doing, it’ll give us som in-depth systems to dig into rather than fob us off with yet another random building we can’t control.

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