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I Have Found The Best Combo In Far Cry 6


I’ve been playing some Far Cry 6 recently, and so far it’s a very Far Cry game. At this point, Ubisoft is making Far Cry games for Far Cry fans, not for newcomers, and not for anyone who doesn’t care about the franchise. There are enough fans out there to justify these releases without the need to try to attract every person interested in games on the planet. However, it still does some stuff differently, and it’s in the stuff it does differently that I’ve found the best combination ever in the game. It’s a Resolver Weapon and Supremo, and the combo is insane.

The Resolver Weapon is La Varita, and the Supremo is Triador. These are items you’ll get for completing the ghost panther treasure hunt, which is something that’s supposed to take you ages to complete, but I managed to get it done before I even tackled a main story mission on the mainland of Yara. The combination of this Supremo and weapon makes you the king of stealth, even though the weapon seems to reveal your position to some enemies.

The Supremo is touted as the stealth Supremo because it doesn’t blast off loads of rockets. Instead, it sends out a fog that obscures the battlefield and reveals all the enemies around you. Even if they’re behind cover, you can see them. If you have La Varita equipped, it will glow red, and you can use it to shoot enemies through any cover. Basically, this means that you can kill every enemy in the area without them ever seeing you. It’s also an incredibly handy way to make some quick cover and deal with all the threats around you if you feel like you’re having a hard time. I’ve used it a lot, and I love it, but I really enjoy stealth games.

On its own, La Varita is also a brilliant weapon, but the combination with Triador makes it so much more. I can’t see anything else beating this in the game, but I’m willing to be proven wrong. So far, I’m still quite early on in the game, but I’m going to keep pushing through to see what else it has to offer me. Hopefully, I can be proven wrong and shown a better combination in the future.

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