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Deathloop Still Has Secrets To Be Found


While many other games have come along to occupy my time since, I’ve still been playing a decent chunk of Deathloop where I can. Having finished the game, I’ve kept my save file alive so that I can go off and try to solve the smaller stories in the game, of which there are many. Over the weekend, a designer on the game shared that there’s still at least one secret that no one has found yet, and that’s because it’s only telegraphed by incredibly subtle things in the world. This got players into a frenzy, but I’m still not sure they found it. The thing is, this game keeps on giving, and I think there are way more surprises to be found for those who look.

I was playing the game yesterday and came across Pick Rexly. This is a character who is able to remember the past loops like Colt and Julianna, but she’s not a Visionary, and she’s not part of Backreef from before the loop. This begs the question, why does she remember past loops? It ruins her entire experience on Blackreef. After the short quest to find her, you’ll see that she kills herself every morning to try to fast forward to the point at which Colt breaks the loop because she doesn’t want to live like this anymore. It’s sad in a way, but also shows Colt’s impact on the wider world of Blackreef.

I think that there must be loads of tiny secrets and stories to find in Blackreef that are just like this. Tiny quests that no one thinks are that important, but when they come together, they’re much more important than you first think. For example, Pick’s appearance has spurred me on to find her friends and uncover a bunker where, apparently, there’s a much bigger clue to what’s going on at Blackreef than the game’s ending gives you. I hope that Arkane Studios releases some DLC for this game because it’s ready and waiting for it, even if it stars new characters and a completely different setting. Let’s just have something else to keep this world alive.

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