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Century: Age Of Ashes Is Still Impressing Fans


It’s been roughly two weeks since Century: Age of Ashes launched as a free-to-play dragon dogfighting game for PC. I’ve kept track, and for the first week the game had 1,000 positive reviews per day, a stupid number that I’m still astounded by. However, the game has everything you’d ever want it to. When I say your dogfighting as dragon riders, I really do mean it. You’re on the back of a dragon that you can control to blast your opponents with, and it’s a real rush when you start to pick up kills and destroy the enemy team.

Now, the game has its first real event on, and the player base seems to be loving it. This is the real test though, because the game is now showing off more content than it’ll usually have in the future. You can earn some new dragons and take part in a time-limited game mode on a map that will soon disappear. However, I think it’ll stand the test of time because what’s at the core is still rewarding enough that players are going to stick with it for years and years. It’s similar to how Fortnite launched with very little going on, but then exploded as more and more content was added for players to enjoy for free.

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my time with Century: Age of Ashes. The season pass is good enough that it allows you to earn 100 ranks of rewards, and there’s even more to pick up after that. Of course, there’s also the in-game store where you can buy some more dragon eggs and start gaining progress through new challenges in the background. There’s just so much for you to do that I can’t see the game falling out of the public eye, at least not until the next big free-to-play fad comes along.

The game will be coming to consoles at some point next year. I believe that’s when it’ll really take off once again. It’s great on PC, but it needs the widespread audience that’s ripe and ready for the taking on consoles before it can truly take the world by storm.

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