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Century: Age Of Ashes Should Do Crossover Events


Century: Age of Ashes is a dragon dogfighting game that makes all other free-to-play titles look like a complete mess. It gives you a small army of dragons on which to fly around and blast your enemies with. It’s the perfect dragon game, one that I’m obsessed with at the moment, and it’s got so much potential to be even more. While Fortnite can do all sorts of crossovers with all sorts of brands, this is the one game that’s built to have crossovers with dragon-based brands in it, and I personally cannot wait to see what that looks like.

There are loads of brands that could do a crossover with Century: Age of Ashes, but there are a few that I think would be perfect. The first is How to Train Your Dragon. That brand has loads of dragons, and is already ripe for a crossover. Since there are still TV shows being made about it, I can see the company being available to discuss such a thing, it just depends on how popular Century: Age of Ashes becomes.

The second brand that needs to have a crossover is Harry Potter. Not only are there loads of dragons that could be linked in with Century: Age of Ashes, you could also chuck in a new game mode for Quiddich. This would be a sort of time limited event, and it would be incredible. You could have all kinds of rare rewards for the event if you did it this way, and I really can’t think of anything that’s more perfect. This would be my dream, but I understand that working with the brand is not only going to be expensive, but it’s also potentially controversial with all the stuff that’s going on around the creator.

Of course, I’m no doubt forgetting everything that could be linked with the game in terms of smaller games and what they could bring to the table. New costumes and specialised dragons could be added to give players something to really chase, and I just think it would take the game to the next level. I understand some would be microtransactions too, but at least we’d have a chance to earn them if they were offered as a reward in an event.

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