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Far Cry 6 Removes The Player’s Sense Of Invulnerability


If there’s one thing that open world games do really well, it’s make you feel like a machine that could overcome anything. In Skyrim, for example, you very quickly hit the point that no opponent poses a threat. Even the secret bosses around the world in that game aren’t something that can stand up to your might. You just need the right armour combination, a tonne of food in your pockets, and you can take down anything that stands in your way. I love that Far Cry 6 doesn’t do that, and in fact it makes you feel like at any point, you could be crushed by the combination of just a bullet and the wrong type of animal attack.

Far Cry 6 is packed with stuff that wants to kill you. There are soldiers all over Yara that will stop you and fight you if they get the wrong feeling from you. Some of the time this doesn’t happen, but you have to really play it safe to avoid conflict. Holstering weapons and walking instead of running is recommended if you want to get through somewhere without a proper fight, but most of the time you’ll want the fight just to stick it to Castillo.

The same goes for animals. You can be anywhere in the game, then suddenly hear an animal cry before being brutally assaulted by something. There are sharks, fish, dogs, and all the dangerous stuff like jaguars to worry about too. You’ll be assaulted on all fronts, and you never have enough health or healing supplies to feel like you’re truly on top of it all. Instead, you’ll just feel like you’re fighting a constant battle against Yara, which is out to kill you in any way that it can.

I love the feeling that you get from playing Far Cry 6. It’s one of the few games that you can sit down with a plan in, only to see those plans go completely out the window as soon as something else comes up. There’s a lot to be said for what it does give you in terms of weapons, but honestly, you’re the underpowered one, and it’s never felt better in a game.

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