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Treasure Hunts Are The Best Stories In Far Cry 6


From the very start of the game, the most interesting things to do in Far Cry 6 are the Treasure Hunts. These are side quests that you can pick up by talking to locals and exploring the world. Sometimes they’ll be revealed by a note, others you’ll just come across through random events and overheard conversations. Unfortunately, not all of them reward you with incredible gear and items, but they all give you a much richer sense of the lore that Yara has to it. Overall, they’ve made me understand the country more, and I think that the game is so much better for them.

One Treasure Hunt I went on took me to three separate locations. In each one, I had to collect a mystical item to bring back to a cave and fight a ghost panther. The three locations were the most interesting part of the Treasure Hunt though. There was a cave that I had to drop from zip wires onto other zip wires in which felt more like an obstacle course, a mine filled with complicated routes to follow, and a haunted house that has probably been the highlight of the entire game for me so far. The house had a series of puzzles that you needed to work through before you found the item, and even getting that was made more challenging by the military presence that kept showing up.

Another Treasure Hunt saw me explore a house in search of a key. When I finally found it, I had to open a shed and unleash a mongoose. That beast ran as fast as it could, but I got it with my flaming shotgun. The key inside of it led me to the best sidearm I’d had in the game at that point, so a very successful Treasure Hunt overall.

The last one I can think of though, gave me nothing. It’s a sad story of a couple who got trapped in a cave while being pursued by a slaver. They died inside fearing a ghost that wasn’t there, and when you put all of the pieces together, you get a creepy sense of how dark the world of Yara can be.

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