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You Should Try The Good Life Today


The Good Life is an incredibly interesting game that’s out today. If you’re on the fence about it, there’s no need to be as long as you have a Game Pass subscription. The game is available on Game Pass, so download it and give it a try. It’s honestly like nothing else you’ll have ever played, and I mean that in a good way. This game has so many elements to it, and I think that everyone will enjoy it to some degree, even if they don’t admit it to themselves. I’ll try to explain why I think it’s going to be so good here, so read on.

The Good Life is a debt repayment simulator. You need to do jobs for people around this small town you find yourself trapped in so that you can earn enough money to pay off your debt and leave. However, that’s much harder to do than you might think. There’s so much that you have to pay for just to exist in this town, and that massively impacts how much money you can generate in a day. Soon, you’ll learn how to make the most money possible, but there’s something else going on here.

At night, everyone in the town turns into an animal. Everyone has their own routine, and you’ll need to solve a mystery surrounding this strange element during your time there. This is the real core of the game, and it’s what you’ll want to spend most of your time doing. Playing around as a cat is one thing, but interacting with all the people from around the town in their animal forms is completely different, and extremely wacky. It adds so many new layers to the game that make it even more fun to play.

Overall, this game is bonkers, but that’s exactly what you should expect from the mind of Suda 51. The game is all about changing your perspective to find something new hidden in plain sight. I love the idea that every person in the game has a secret to uncover too, you’ll just have to follow their routine and find out what they’re hiding by monitoring them throughout the day.

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