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What Should Watch Dogs: Legion Do For Halloween?


At the time of writing, Ubisoft have had a chance to announce something for Watch Dogs: Legion for Halloween, but I’m so confident that it won’t that I’m writing in advance. I really like Watch Dogs: Legion, particularly after the Assassin’s Creed update. It feels like the game has so much more to do, and there are just more multiplayer modes and things to keep you occupied now that you’ve got multiple difficulties and all that great stuff. Still, I know we’re going to get something spooky for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Rainbow Six Siege already has a spooky event, so where’s our creepy Watch Dogs: Legion content?

There’s so much that you could do in Watch Dogs: Legion for Halloween, but the one thing I would like to see is a literal ghost in the machines. The game’s all about hacking, so let’s have some sort of spooky entity that works its way through all the systems in London that you have to track down. It could cause all sorts of problems around the city, opening up new world events to take on, and the whole thing could end with a showdown with the hacker who didn’t even realise what they’d made. I love a good story about computer programs getting out of control, and you could even link in a connection with the Watch Dogs 2 protagonist if you wanted to.

Alternatively, I think there should be something about going into the system yourself. We’ve seen something like this before in the Bloodlines expansion, but I didn’t feel like that got fully fleshed out. If you can delve into other people’s minds, let’s dive into the CTOS and see what’s going on. You could create all sorts of nonsense for players to take on, especially if there’s a randomised element. The one thing Watch Dogs: Legion is missing is any sort of randomised activity in the single player game. give us that for Halloween and I’ll be incredibly happy. Hopefully, we get some new costumes at the very least, because new Operators might actually blow my mind as well as yours.

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