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Active Camo Will Completely Change Ghost Recon: Breakpoint


We’ve just been given a good look at what’s coming in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint Operation Motherland. There’s a brand new game mode, loads of new weapons and vehicles, a new enemy, and a brand new feature for the game. This feature is returning from older titles, but it’s one that’s been sorely missed. This is active camo, which does exactly what you’d think it does. You can hide your Ghosts in plain sight by activating it and making them pretty much invisible. While some actions will give them away, they’re not going to be seen if they’re just sneaking up on enemies from afar.

Sneaking is a core part of Breakpoint already. You can’t take on a base full of enemies head-on unless you have some serious firepower to back you up. even then, you’re likely going to die as a result. By sneaking up on your enemy, you avoid any sort of detection or enemies figuring out your location. You can also use your AT teammates to snipe targets from afar and ensure that everyone in a base is dead before you get anywhere near it. Active camo makes the moving in easier, because there’s barely any chance of you being seen.

I love sneaking around in this game. It feels like an open world Metal Gear Solid 3, with enemies everywhere for you to avoid at all costs. The emphasis really is on you to stay hidden and keep fighting from the shadows, and that’s going to be even more of a focus when active camo comes to the game. I think that we’ll all be playing in a completely different way when we have active camo in our inventories, especially since it’ll be upgradable alongside all of our other equipment.

I’m really interested to see how far the stealth angle has been pushed in this game with the Motherland update. I think that it’s going to be much more the game we want, and much less the toxic game that you can see on the surface. I want to get stuck in the woods while being hunted by all sorts of enemies, and I want to feel the pressure to survive against the odds. That’s what this update adds, and I can’t wait to write about it more for you.

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