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No Man’s Sky Needs An Expedition About Travel


There have now been four Expeditions in No Man’s Sky, each one slightly better than the last. I have to say that Expedition 4: Emergence has been my favourite out of the lot of them. I think it was the story that pulled it together, even though the story was pretty much entirely environmental. Within the context of No Man’s Sky, it just all works incredibly well. Now though, I want something different from the game. With so much space out there to see, I want to have an Expedition that’s all about traveling from one part of the galaxy to another in a big massive convoy.

This sort of thing has happened in the past in games like Elite: Dangerous. Players have planned out where they would like to go based on the star system map, and then they’ve organised rendezvous points. They’ve then met up at each rendezvous point together to have some fun before moving on with the rest of the community. They move from point to point and eventually come to a stop where they wanted to, and then everyone will go their separate ways. It’s a colossal undertaking with months of traveling between points, and I love it.

No Man’s Sky has had some pretty long Expeditions, but months might be too much for the community. A much short version of what happens in Elite: Dangerous would be good though. Give us an end point and then let us go wild. There are so many routes to choose from and paths to take, and each one could form part of a Milestone. For example, one Milestone could be to gamble your path on a black hole, which drops you in a random location. There could be another that tasks you with finding certain types of elements, systems, and planets too. All of this could come together really well, and I’d love to see more of this sort of thing within No Man’s Sky. The best time for it though, is probably winter, so if Hello Games hasn’t planned one like this yet, it may just need to wait until everyone is trapped inside from the cold next year.

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