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I Am So Here For The New Free Content In Blasphemous

Last week, Blasphemous got a new update called Wounds of Eventide. It’s a totally new DLC for the game that adds some new story, bosses, and basically more of what you want from it. This game is a few years old at this point, yet it’s still getting free DLC for those who want to play it. I can believe that there are people who want this, since it’s a game like Dark Souls in that there are loads of bosses to beat and ways to optimise your build far beyond what you play in a single playthrough. I think that it’ll go on to be remembered extremely fondly because of all this free DLC, and I’m so here for it.

Games that get free DLC years after launch, as well as the occasional paid DLC, do extremely well in the long run. This is because the DLC helps to keep the game in the public eye by pleasing its fans. It’s not offering free DLC that ties in with current trends in the media, it’s free DLC that players care about. For example, Dead Cells and Blasphemous both add more of what players enjoy. This comes in the form of levels to explore and bosses to kill. In addition, the world is generally enhanced by each expansion, because there’s so much more to do all of a sudden.

Games like blasphemous don’t tell you the story outright though, and that’s where they shine. They really hide their story, giving you a few pieces to look at when you defeat certain bosses, but you’re really got to push to find meaning in the game. This keeps players engaged because they want to see and learn more, they don’t want to be spoon-fed the story, they want to explore it for themselves.

I think that the developers are doing a great job with this game, and I wouldn’t expect anything less from a title like Blasphemous. It’s dripping with atmosphere and has so much to offer. I you’re looking for a new 2D ARPG to get into, look no further than this and download it today, because I guarantee you wont’ be disappointed.

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