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Dark Souls Massively Inspired The Last Oricru


The Last Oricru is a really interesting game that’s coming out in 2022. It may not look it, but it’s got a tonne of stuff in it that’s a combination of some of the greatest mechanics in the games industry. Many of those mechanics have been inspired by Dark Souls, and the ARPG franchise in general. It’s actually all to the benefit of The Last Oricru, a game that’s now becoming one that’s higher and higher on my priority list to play. This game wouldn’t exist without one of the greats though, and I think it’s time to talk about it.

There’s a lot of Dark Souls in The Last Oricru. I think most of that comes from the fact that the core gameplay is of an ARPG nature. The combat is very similar, with weapons all having their own attack patterns, as do enemies, requiring you to learn you way through fighting instead of using brute force. There are also weapons that can’t be accessed without the right stats, and pushing yourself to get those is a big part of the game too. However, there’s more that makes this very similar to Dark Souls.

The bonfire system is here, and it’s contextualised within the world. There are areas with blue forcefields around them that reset certain enemies as you enter. It only seems to affect enemies that aren’t beasts, though I can’t be sure that’s the case for every situation. Within these areas are machines where you use the essence of the living things you’ve killed to upgrade your character. Progress is slow, just the way it should be, adding another layer to the game for your to work your way through.

Finally, there are just hints of Dark Souls here and there. The rat people race for example, is a great callback to rats in Dark Souls because they love the sewers. There’s also the sewers themselves, which are just the most awful environment to explore. Much like Blighttown. If you’ve not tried the demo yet, give yourself a treat by jumping in over the holidays and exploring the world at your leisure while you die over and over again.

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