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RIGS Mechanized Combat League Dev Confirms PS4 Pro Support; Spectator Mode Also in the Works

PlayStation VR launch title RIGS Mechanized Combat League will include PS4 Pro-exclusive enhancements, its developer has confirmed.

During a recent question and answer session on the RIGSMCL community Discord server, Guerrilla Games Cambridge’s community manager Jeroen Roding told users that: “Pro is one of the things we will be supporting with RIGS. Short answer yes.” He went on to add that the studio would have “more to share down the line”, joking that “PR would kill [him]” if he revealed any specifics with regards to the potential benefits that Sony’s upgraded console may bring to the combat sports title.

RIGS Mechanized Combat League PS4 Pro

Separately, Roding confirmed that a spectator mode is in the pipeline for the game, following a substantial number of player requests. He also promised that the team is working on resolving a number of matchmaking issues reported by users since the title officially launched on October 13.

In RIGS Mechanized Combat League, players take control of large mech suits – the titular Rigs – to compete in a professional sports competition set approximately 50 years in the future. The game currently holds a Metacritic rating of 77, and is available for $49.96 from Amazon.

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  • Mike G

    So is there an embargo on when devs can talk about PS4 Pro enhanced features in VR titles?