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Sony Acknowledges PSVR Image Drifting Issues; Suggests Cause and Possible Solution


Sony has today acknowledged the image drifting issues that a number of PlayStation VR users have reported since the unit launched earlier in the month.

After scores of players took to social media to complain that their experiences with the virtual reality headset had been blighted by issue, Sony has finally responded by creating a troubleshooting article on the help section of its website relating to the problem.

In it, the company points to interference with the PlayStation Camera as being the main source of screen drift; it claims that users playing with their DualShock 4 controller plugged in via its charging cable can obstruct the camera’s view of the light bar, while also suggesting that vibrations may be interfering with the camera itself.

Sony recommends that users play their games wirelessly to avoid the first issue, while offering guidance on the optimal distance and angle players should sit or stand at in relation to the camera. In short, it suggests playing directly in front of the camera, which should be set up in a vibration-free area.

Have you been affected by PSVR’s apparent image drifting issues? Does the guidance issued by Sony help to resolve the problem? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • codecaine

    I have not had this problem.

    • Lordmeat

      I’m having this “drift” problem, and it really is incredibly annoying. I can’t say that I regret having the psvr because I love it, but this problem is VERY DISAPPOINTING at best. I’ve tried about every fix that I can find, and I still have the issue. PLEASE …SOMEONE HELP!

  • loadstone007

    No issues here. Need to recalibrate every now and then, though

    • Daniele Pauletto

      So you have issues.

  • Marius Henriksen

    I haven’t had problems with this.

  • Bryan V.

    I’ve got this issue, but I’m thinking it may be due to vibration since my camera is on the top of TV and might not be as secure as I thought. I think I’ll try putting it on the TV stand instead.

    This issue is the only thing that came close to making me woozy.

  • rob

    I haven’t had any issues with the supposed drift

  • Roger Bentley

    no issues here

  • bruce livingston

    Never experienced this alleged “drift”.

  • Juril Moore

    it happens to me when i play in cinematic mode only. It is very annoying because i need to reset the picture position around every 5-10minutes. I always play wirelessly, so this solution is totally crap.

  • netname

    the problem persist oblu if the player are too close on the camera…

    respect the minimum distance ( 6 feet ) and this ISSUES disappear completely.

    ….. always remember to calibrate the Lights detections under psvr settings . is a 3 step calibration for psvr leds .

    TPLAYSTATION VR is a really extraordinary mature product and the MSRP is perfect .. i think.

  • Rustyneedleuk

    Major issues of drift mainly when ps4 workload is high. Used my headset on multiple set ups and drift is always present. But still even with this issue, i love my headset. Hopfully apatch or fix will be implmented

  • Andy

    Drift is a serious problem, have to reset frequently as screen drifts left continually. Sony’s fix suggestions do not solve this issue.
    There is a fault with the product, and I am regretting purchasing it so early after its release.