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Darksiders 4 All But Confirmed After Performance of DS3

Darksiders 3 has not got the reviews that we expected but having played the game myself, I can say that it does meet expectations and that it is a great game to play in 2018. Prior to the release of Darksiders 3, the CEO of Gunfire Games mentioned that he would be happy if 100,000 copies were sold and that he would look into making Darksiders 4.

While it is too early to say anything about the numbers, we do know that more than 71,000 copies have been sold on Steam alone. Keeping in mind that Christmas is around the corner and that we are not looking into console sales or physical sales, it is more than likely that Darksiders 3 will be able to hit 100,000 sales. This might not be set in stone but it takes us a step closer to Darksiders 4.

Keeping in mind the games that we have played until now, Darksiders 4 should feature Strife, the fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse. While we have got plenty of new information regarding the franchise and where it is headed in Darksiders 3, from where the game ended we can see that there will be another game that will put an end to the franchise.

Fans have been asking for a game in which they can play all the horsemen in co-op mode with friends and if we are ever going to get a Darksiders game that offers that feature then it is most likely going to be Darksiders 4. Being able to play all of the horsemen with friends was kind of the end goal for the fans from the start and with the release of DS3, that goal is another step closer.

Let us know what you think about Darksiders 4 and whether or not you are interested in playing the game if it ever comes out. For more news and information regarding the game stay tuned.

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  • xboxmaster

    umm no

  • Admirateur

    the game looks and plays like darksiders 1. A game that came out 8 years ago. Let that sink in.

    • BV1255

      So it stays true to its roots and accomplishes maintaining its look despite a significantly smaller team and budget.

      Sounds like a job well done.

  • Doctor

    Enjoying the game alot so happy its finally here 🙂

  • sedoi

    day one.