Rarest NES game found for $8 in thrift store

Update (May 3): A late bidding war broke out on GameGavel, driving the price of the rarity up to finish at a cool $17,510.

Original story: An American student is at the envy of retro gaming collectors worldwide after securing possibly the bargain of the century.

The North Carolina resident stumbled across a complete-in-box copy of Bandai’s Stadium Events at her local Goodwill store, one of only 200 thought to be in existence due to a recalled release back in 1987.

The price she paid for such a rarity? $7.99. Now the game is under the hammer at auction site, with bidding currently sitting at a cool $12,250, with over five days remaining.

Previously-listed copies of the game have sold for between $7,000 and $41,000, and the anonymous owner plans to use the money raised from the sale to pay off her student loans.

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