Sega prototype goes under the hammer

Update (May 3): As speculated, the Pluto has been relisted on eBay after failing to sell. Its bidding currently stands at $3,500 with seven days remaining.

Original story: An extremely rare Sega console has failed to sell at auction following its discovery last week.

After a former employee of the gaming giant came forward to media outlets with information about the prototype he’d had in his possession for 14 years, California resident Roger Vega (username kidvid666) realised he’d been sitting on the only other known Pluto console in existence, after picking it up at a flea market for $1 six years ago!

Roger Vega shows off his unique Sega Pluto console.

While the seller Vega bought it from believed the unit to be a VCR, the Pluto is actually a unique piece of gaming history; it essentially combines a Saturn console with a NetLink modem, demonstrating Sega’s online gaming ambitions even back before the release of the Dreamcast.

After deciding to sell his console – with the proceeds going to his parents – the prototype was listed on GameGavel, with the auction ending last night. Despite bids totalling $7,600, the reserve price Vega set wasn’t met, which means he’ll get to hold onto the system; for now, at least.

Earlier today, Vega told Power Up Gaming: "I have no plan as of yet [of what to do with the console] but it could get re-listed and possibly on eBay in the future. I plan on hanging on to it right now, but at the moment I am just plotting my next move. "

As for the publicity surrounding his discovery, he said: "The media attention has been very positive and to be honest I have found it quite refreshing that so many are just as excited about it as I am.

"I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and continue to meet, a lot of really great people along the way. It been very exciting to say the least, and I look forward to sharing as much information as I can about it with the gaming community."

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