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A full Online Hacking match from Watch Dogs

While filming our Online Hacking episode we played this match where even we were suprised to complete it without being killed.

It resulted in us receiving a message from our opponent saying “nooby” before later getting another one saying “noobie” just to emphasise the fact. Though he was clearly unsure how to spell it so at least he made sure.

We started the match like any other but after thinking going out on a boat would be a good idea we realised there was nowhere to hide and we’d be spotted straight away. Luckily though, we were able to hide behind a rock and once in the water he couldn’t profile or shoot us. We still had to avoid the grenade launcher near the end but it turned out to be a good tactic despite being purely accidental and may be seen as cheating. Or highlighting a flaw in the game mode, you decide.

Even though the quality is usually fine from Twitch, as is always the case when there’s a video you want to keep, the quality dropped in this match. So we apologise the quality isn’t up to our usual standards but we still wanted to share it with you as we found it amusing.

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