Physics puzzler Principia seeks IndieGoGo funding

Following a successful campaign on Steam Greenlight, the developers behind an innovative mechanical sandbox game are seeking additional funds to help them complete development on the title.

Principia is an intriguing adventure game with a particular focus on mechanics and electronics. Players are able to explore its 2.5D procedurally-generated worlds, create their own contraptions or just play around with the game’s stunning physics engine.

The basic idea of Principia is that simple objects can be connected to each other to create complex things. With an advanced electronics and robotics system to boot, its creators claim the versatile game has appeal for creative children and adult engineering aficionados alike.

In adventure mode, you play as a little modular robot, helping allies and infiltrating enemy bases. Its components are fully upgradeable, with new equipment and weaponry being acquired through exploration. The game also comes complete with a sandbox mode to play around in, comprising over 200 objects that range from wooden planks to advanced electronic and mechanical components.

Principia’s beta has already been a hit on mobile devices – with over 25,000 players to date – and Swedish developers Bithack are now preparing for a Windows and Linux release via Steam before the end of the year.

The five-man team have launched an IndieGogo campaign in an attempt to secure $105,000 in funding before October 8, which will help them to finalise development and add a number of benefits including an overhauled art style, an expanded storyline, the addition of multiplayer, and potential multi-platform releases.

Bithack previously released the hit Android physics game Apparatus in 2011, which received both Editor’s Choice and Top Developer awards from Google. The game went on to be downloaded more than three million times.

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