Tekken hits Ace Combat

Ace Combat Infinity developer Namco Bandai have just given word that the long-running airborne shoot ’em up will be receiving a makeover. In celebration of the beloved Tekken franchise’s 20th anniversary, aspiring pilots will be able honour their favourite fighters in style.

From today, a temporary patch will grant players the ability to jazz up the sky to their heart’s content. Kazuya Mishima and Jin Kazama paint jobs will be available for the SU-35 Aircraft, while Alisa and Xiaoyu skins are available for the SU-34. On top of this, fans who participate will be gifted one of 15 special emblems, each displaying a landmark location or popular fighter from the series.

Changes won’t just be skin deep, either. The patch’s exclusive aircrafts will all boast increased stats, so expect to see them dominating the skies in the weeks ahead.

The patch will end on November 4. After releasing in May this year, Ace Combat Infinity received mixed reviews. While certainly not for everyone, speculative buyers and Tekken addicts alike might do well to pick up their copy soon.

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