New Beyond Flesh and Blood concept art revealed

The creative minds behind the upcoming gory Mancunian shooter, Beyond Flesh and Blood, have unveiled new concept art for the game just in time for Halloween.

While the storyline behind the game is closely guarded, the team at Pixelbomb Games have indicated that this new character (known affectionately as “The Blood King”) will play a significant role in the game’s plot.

Designed by local concept artist Steven DeSykes, these are the first details that have emerged around the plot of Beyond Flesh and Blood. Project lead Philip Muwanga commented on the reveal, saying: “We call him Sarge at the moment. He is essentially a good character, but battle hardened and weary, however he is a formidable soldier.”

“He is very important to the gameworld and your world as a player; a figure of authority and force.”

More information on the game can be found in our hands-on preview, and our interview with Pixelbomb Games. A playable demo is already available on the developer’s website.

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