Exclusive: Beyond Flesh and Blood Teaser Trailer

Developers Pixelbomb Studios have released a series of mini-trailers for their upcoming third-person shooter, Beyond Flesh and Blood.

For the discerning viewer, each of these videos contain secret messages in various languages which give away key details about the gory mech game’s developing narrative. You can view our exclusive piece of the puzzle, “Ready, Manchester?”, below:

These YouTube teasers are spread across several different channels, including Beyond Flesh and Blood,, Mouse_n_Joypad, GamersFTW, and of course, Power Up Gaming.

Local actor and MediaCityUK regular Lee Perkins completed the voiceovers while each soundtrack features the work of YouTube audio library artist, Gunnar Olsen, and renowned YouTube techno artist, TeknoAxe – a favourite with game vloggers and independent filmmakers.

A demo of the PC version is available from Pixelbomb’s website. For further coverage, check out our hands-on preview of the game, or our interview with lead designers Lee Blacklock and Philip Muwanga.

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