Child Gets Cheated out of Madden Game; EA Gives Him A PS4

A 10-year old NFL fan who was cheated out of winning a copy of Madden has received a free PS4 and various goodies, after EA got wind of the story.

As reported by KISS FM 96.9, the boy, named Roman, took part in a musical chairs contest prior to last week’s Cowboys vs. Lions match, which he attended with his family. Roman seemingly won the game fair and square, after defeating his opponent in the final round.

The MC for the event, however, had other ideas, and ordered a re-do – for the simple reason the boy was wearing a Detroit Lions jersey.

After losing the re-run, Roman was left with the second place prize of a Batman DVD (and later a Led Zeppelin CD), while his opponent took home the grand prize of a copy of Madden NFL 15 for PlayStation 4.

A GoFundMe campaign was subsequently launched by the radio station to make sure Roman received what he was due and then some, and has already raised over $800 in donations.

The story doesn’t end there, however. After EA Sports learned of the news, they put together a special prize package, which includes a PS4 console, Madden NFL 15 and signed football memorabilia, for the young fan:

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