Enemy Trailer Released for Mike Bithell's Volume

Volume, the upcoming stealth game from the creator of Thomas Was Alone, has just seen the release of a new trailer showcasing the titles’s various enemies.

The enemies on display in this latest trailer run the full gamut of traditional guard types: there’s turrets; entry level ‘Pawns’, which will almost certainly make up the meat of encounters; ‘Rogues’, who will actively search for you with wide fields of view; heavily-armoured ‘Knights’; ‘Archers’, which will be able to spot and snipe you from great distances; and hounds.

A third-person top-down stealth game, Volume is a futuristic retelling of the Robin Hood story, with the protagonist breaking into virtual recreations of wealthy homes in order to act as a sort of ‘Let’s Play’ for burglars.

All of the enemy types showcased today look nicely varied, both in terms of their abilities and in their visual style. As befits the virtual setting, the enemies and environments all have a simplistic, polygonal construction which should give the game a unique feel.

Here at Power Up Gaming, we’re huge fans of Bithell’s previous game Thomas Was Alone, so we’re really excited to see how his latest title plays. The stealth elements look fun and fluid, and appear to be in the same vein as the original Metal Gear Solid, which wins it big points.

Gameplay will focus on stealth and avoidance, rather than combat.

Of particular note is Danny Wallace’s narration. The unquestionable high point of Thomas Was Alone, Wallace’s voice-over garnered much critical acclaim, and he’s back on board for Volume. Also rejoining the team is composer David Housden, who created the score for Thomas Was Alone. Further additions also include voice talent from the likes of Charlie McDonnell and Andy Serkis.

Due for release later this year, Volume will be out initially on PS4 and PlayStation Vita, and later on PC, Mac and Linux.

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