Final Fantasy XV 'Hard' To Complete in 40 Hours, Says Director

Final Fantasy XV is looking “harder and harder” to complete in under 40 hours, according to its director.

In a recent interview with Kotaku that largely focused on Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, Hajime Tabata also fielded a few questions on the long-awaited FFXV and its demo, which is due out exclusively alongside the day one edition of Type-0.

On the full game’s length, Tabata said: “Originally, we were aiming so that the entire [FFXV] story could potentially be cleared within 40 hours. But looking at the current volume of what’s becoming available, it’s looking harder and harder to clear within that time.”

He added that the development team are currently gauging the length of the game and trying to “work around” it, as it may potentially be too much for players.

With regards to the Duscae region set to be featured in Final Fantasy XV’s demo, Tabata stated that “it’s become bigger than [the developers] anticipated”, adding that although it was originally supposed to represent one-fifth of the full game world’s size, that number is “shifting significantly” as it would “take forever to play” the whole game if that were still true. He also confirmed that the demo will not allow gamers to play through part of the main game’s story.

The director added that the Square Enix team are hoping to have the demo “available around the timing of when Type-0 HD releases”, though a PR representative refused to officially confirm a day-and-date release.

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