Sources: Joystiq Is Shutting Down

In a rather bizarre turn of events, popular gaming blog Joystiq has today reported on rumours of its own impending shutdown by parent company, AOL.

After ten years of publication, Joystiq wrote this morning: “‘AOL is likely to shutter’ Joystiq, reports Recode. Hey, wait a minute… that’s us!” Although the article was written rather humorously, it would seem that the end is indeed nigh for the site, which began life as an offshoot to tech blog Engadget back in 2004. Joystiq’s report went on to state that the blog’s staff members are very much aware of current events, but that AOL “hasn’t officially told them” of the closure.

Re/code reported that the closure comes as part of AOL’s recent move to carry out “an extensive house-cleaning of its underperforming content properties”.

Joystiq’s reviews director Richard Mitchell – who only weeks ago drew praise for his decision to drop review scores across the site – this evening tweeted his thanks to the blog’s fans, who have been sounding off on its probable shutdown on social media:

Assuming the inevitable happens, will you be sad to see Joystiq go? Let us know in the comments!

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