PlayStation Vita Dropping App Support

Sony has announced that its PlayStation Vita handheld will have a number of features removed in future updates.

The console’s Maps, Near, and YouTube applications will all be affected as Sony scales back support for them. A quote from the PlayStation Knowledge Center reveals that “all features of the [Maps] application and some features of the [Near] application will be disabled” when the PS Vita receives its next software update in March. The affected features of the Near application are purportedly those that allow you to see your own location and pinpoint other Vitas in your area.

YouTube will be hit the hardest as it will “will no longer be supported after 20 April 2015, and the application will cease to be available for download” as of today. Sony points out on the Knowledge Center that YouTube will still be accessible from the Vita’s web browser, with almost identical functionality. No word was given regarding a reason for the removal of these futures.

What does this mean for the future of the Vita? Sound off in the comments!

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