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Naughty Dog Effectively Rules Out A Return To Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter

Although rumours have continued to persist over the past couple of years about Sony potentially re-acquiring and reviving the Crash Bandicoot franchise, it looks like if it does ever happen, it’ll be without original creator, Naughty Dog.

In an in-depth interview with Game Informer about the history of animation at Naughty Dog, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End writer and longtime lead animator Josh Scherr was asked if the studio misses the cartoony, stylised era of the Crash Bandicoot and Jak & Daxter series. He replied: “No, I don’t, because we’ve got an amazing team of people making some really expressive performances with our current stable of realistic characters. I mean, animating the stylised stuff is a lot of fun, but the stories that we’re trying to tell right now are a little bit more grounded and a little bit more grown up than they were back in the Jak and Daxter days.”

When questioned on whether this was due to the case of the staff at Naughty Dog simply getting older and more mature, he admitted: “I think that’s part of it. I think that it’s also dictated by what the market wants, too. You know, that was a lot of what our decision was bounded by and based on when moving from Jak and Daxter to something more like Uncharted. And it’s also what we’re interested in, too.”

Scherr added that although Uncharted has a few “elements that are a little bit crazy”, they’re still essentially grounded in the real world; and, with the studio having “kind of moved into this new realm”, he doesn’t see them changing their approach any time soon.

Would you like to see the return of Jak & Daxter and/or Crash Bandicoot? Or is Naughty Dog right; has gaming irreversibly moved on into an era of realism and grounded storytelling? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Charles Lupula

    If only Nintendo could grow up like this, maybe the Wii U might not be selling half of what the PS4 is selling.

    • twinspectre

      so Mature (handholding) is the way to go ? , because all the mature games we have today are designed for Idiots

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Wii U has mature games on it and more coming, do you happen to own or just go by the commercials on TV?

    • Jason C

      Nintendo always will be NINTENDO! They make nintendo games; they always have! Nintendo has been around much longer than playstation. This generation of children to young adults play playstation because that’s “what’s in” these days. Nintendo used to be the “way to go” and still holds its own against playstation. The reason 1 company isn’t going bankrupt by now is because they aren’t competitors! Microsoft and Sony are competitors because they produce the SAME GAME/GENRE! Nintendo isn’t making games like they are so honestly, Nintendo doesn’t need to “grow up.” It’s good to have the classics still lying around. My parents like Nintendo games because Nintendo appeals to a wider audience, while playstation and xbox appeals to 5-35 year olds due to audio the violence!

      • bob

        Great points there Jason i totally agree! From my experience with playing games with friends/family nowadays they are not interested one bit in playing games that i suggested to play that were on the PS3 cause they said “Meh can we play something fun looking instead like Mario Kart for example” they literally wanted to play the games for Nintendo with me on Multiplayer cause they saw each one in my collection looking to be a fun one to play and not even choosing those hardcore, so realistic looking violent games.

        • bob

          and they aren’t even kids they are in there late teens close to 20 now and Nintendo world and Mario kart 8 and Smash bros and Wii party is all they wanted to play the entire day cause they were enjoying there selves those times just laughing, making funny jokes to one another every time someone fell off the track and got hit by an unexpecting banana peel and just making memories for themselves every time they are over, and none of my Shooters or Zombie like games appealed to them at all and you know why is because the fun factor was not there in those multiplayer games and killing lives and blowing stuff up didn’t seem that fun to do for hours and hours, you know Sony could use some tips from The King of making the best fun Videogames out there, Nintendo!!! 😉 They are truly smart and the most creative company ever with the biggest and most successful names EVER in the Video game world!!!!

  • Matthew McNamee

    I completely disagree. I don’t believe people should just go with what makes more money. That’s the problem these days. Kids are playing games like GTA which means games like Crash aren’t being made by anybody bar Nintendo and those games are some of my favourites. Nowadays if a game doesn’t have a gun or zombies in it, it’s guaranteed to fail and to be fair it pisses me off big time. Make games the way they used to be.

    • phar0ahad3

      i completley disagree i think there not doing it for the money the world has a hunger for what naughty dog is bringing just look how crazy cinematic expiriences make people look at n4g and see how people are going bat shit over the order not only that but the people who make them take way more pride than goofy animations because when you spend a few weeks working on nathans chest hair you realize holy shit this is just chest hair

      • Taiga Gao

        Yes, and look how easily forgotten they also are. Does anyone remember beyond Two Souls? Hell, people would have forgotten about The Last of Us if it wasn’t re-launched for the PS4.

        Meanwhile almost everyone who played in the 90s early 00s remember Crash Bandicoot, Banjo Kazooie and the likes.

        If you want to compare this to something else, compare Disney Movies to Genric Action Movie of the Summer from the Year XXXX. Everyone remember DIsney movies because they are genuinely good, no one remembers Generic Action Movies because they are trash made just for a quick cash grab since they know teens will be like “OMG DUUDE SO AWESOME!! BEST MOVY EVAAAAAA!” “2 months later uhm.. hey.. you remember.. you know.. that one movie.. no? meh”. These “cinematic” Games are the same.

        • pudface

          I beg to differ regarding The Last Of Us. Did you play it yourself?
          They created an awesome world with an immersive story with believable characters then they followed up with DLC that was worth every cent of the $10 you paid for it, it actually added value and enjoyment to the game beyond the main story. It didn’t get game of the year for nothing.

          I would also argue that back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, the gaming community was somewhat smaller, less games were being made. There wasn’t as much money invested in games which lead to more time and budget constraints. This meant that games usually had to be a fun premise because they couldn’t rely on creating the same epic worlds and stories like they can now. There are obvious exceptions to this rule but for the most part, games were much shorter.

          The people who grew up forming fun memories of 4-player Goldeneye or Mario Kart 64 marathons and playing a 2.5D platformer such as Crash Bandicoot for the first time are now in their 20s and 30s and as such make up the majority of the gaming demographic (Coincidentally, I fit squarely into this group). These people now have jobs and more money to sink into games plus they have heavy nostalgia for the mascots they grew up with, that’s why they stick out in peoples minds and drive the demand for remakes.

          Games have definitely evolved from being a minor amusement to being on the same level as a feature movie. All in all, neither one is better than the other as long as they fulfil the purpose of a game: to entertain.

          • bob

            Yes that is somewhat true but it’s not about the graphics that make a game good and these cinematic/story/violent type of games don’t have an everlasting fun factor to them that will make us keep playing them over and over again like a Mario game or Crash team racing or Crash bash or Jak X, i bet no one could go hours and hours with friends playing a game that feels so much like a movie and if so then you must really like anything that has to do with movies then to feel joyous inside every time you play it, anyway that’s the exact thing a game like Uncharted or the Last of us is pretty much like, a movie and it’s fun to play through and beat/unlock everything that is totally true but then after that it’s on to the next shooter and cinematic game until the sequel for that game you finished before or more dlc comes out for that game to make it interesting again, they seem to never have a full satisfying feeling going back to them with friends or just solo while something like Mario party or Little Big planet or anything like that does feel satisfying to play and just unwind relax and have some raw fun and there timeless too, plus i’ve seen what they were doing Nintendo with there DLCs and you cannot say that those DLCs up for purchase don’t look so good and fun to have!!! 😉

        • Connor Fedoroshyn

          Naughty Dog didn’t make Beyond: Two Souls. They have most recently made the Uncharted series and The Last of Us. Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us are regarded as some of the best games of the last generation. I just 100% completed Jak & Daxter today and while it was fun, Naughty Dog has clearly grown and improved since. It was by far a less memorable experience than The Last of Us for me.

  • Dr.Ghettoblaster

    Shame really, such an established, talented, financially well off company as Naughty Dog, you’d think they’d be able to pool together an extra team just to focus on new Crash title, while not taking away from any current projects. I think PS4 would really benefit if Crash Bandicoot was somehow reborn on the system.

  • Langdon keatch

    they might just be throwing people off saying it wont come out because 4 or 5 months ago the said a new crash and jak game are never of the table

    • Jason C

      Where’d you hear that? How’d you find out about them saying “a new crash and jak game are never off the table?” I never knew they said that…

      • Langdon keatch

        they mentioned it on twitter but they said they just want to focus more on uncharted and realistic games. they say there still could be a possibility to release new ones for nostalgic reasons

  • Gamingfan

    More grown up? Oh go fuck yourself Naughty dog you insecure manchilds.

    • Gamingfan

      I’m talking about Jak and Daxter. Obviously Crash is out of the question because of Activision.

      • Wired Whale

        I’m not saying I disagree with your statements in any way, but your icon…irony much?

  • Gamingfan

    There we go folks. Dudebros ruining gaming. Platformers are awesome.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      indeed. Grew up on them-my favorite genre. A shame it’s so scarce these days. Haven’t played Jak and Daxter but hope to get HD Collection on PS3. and have only played Crash 2 and Crash Team Racing. Perhaps once they’re sure The Last of Us as a franchise, beyond one game, can keep them afloat also, they’ll expand their teams even more so they can do it. It’s probably just man power atm, not that they’re totally averse to breaking new ground.

    • Wired Whale

      What is this “platformer” of which you speak? You mean “colorful children’s” game, don’t you? If it doesn’t have real bullets being fired into realistic-looking victims, hookers, and bystanders; tons of blood, sex, and foul language; and hyper-realistic grayscale graphics, it isn’t a game and it shouldn’t exist. Why shouldn’t it exist? Because someone doesn’t like it, and because we all know variety is bad for the gaming market.

      Pretty much sums up the gaming market of 2015…

  • Kris Godwin

    Oh well. Maybe another studio could revive Jak. Maybe another one of Sony’s studios?

  • Lore

    I don’t see any reason why they can’t create a more ‘realistic’ Jak 4 that could potentially be more successful than the previous titles and the Uncharted series

  • Connor John Brandston

    i think if they say that then makes the both games available on wii u

  • Matt Lopez

    First Naughty Dog should do a Definetive Collection for the PS4 or vita that includes Daxter & Jax X. Then they should make Jak 4 without the realistic elements!

  • Adam Richard Black

    I knew this from day 1 there just concentrating on realistic games now, if they don’t want to continue Crash and Jak why keep the franchises.

  • Kallumsmarties

    I can imagine how much buzz there would be if sony announced a brand new Crash game while nobody expected it. Wasted oppertunity, but whatever.

  • Nigel Davis

    Lame as f***! “Our games have to be realistic.” is just BS! Some of the best games have ‘cartoony’ graphics. The story and characters make situation fun to watch and the gameplay make the game fun to play. You could make a stickman game more fun that a realistic looking game.
    Majora’s Mask, Wind Waker, many anime fighters, and many more games don’t care about realism and are great successes.

  • Blu L’Orange

    The Jak and Daxter storyline was pretty grown up. I could easily see it being darker and more complex if they would just make a fourth game already. Crash has been out of the equation for a long time, but the fact that they would disregard another Jak game is beyond me.

  • Chris Rinelli

    It may seem like the cartoony games are going out of the picture but to me.THERE IS TOO MANY GAMES WITH GUNS. there is enough of those games to last a life time. but going into the shoes of Naughty Dog, what story should be made for a new JAk and dexter or even a new crash game? while typing this is did think of a cool side game for Jak and Dexter. A story line where Dexter DIDN’T fall into the black ooze. Where he didn’t turn into the furry thing he is today. What kind of adventure would they go to. and what would happen to the friends in that furture city?

  • M-Angel 05

    I think there is a fan base for both and a lot of people want a continuance of the Jak and Daxter series and Crash Bandacoot. My very first game was Jak and Daxter the Precursor Legacy and I would love to see The Jak series revived. Possibly bring it on par with games like Gears of War, Halo and Mass Effect. Yes I agree that the game is slightly cartoony; but that’s what a lot of people like about it. I personally want another Jak and Daxter game.

  • Tristen Clairmont

    I think we could at least a Crash Bandicoot PS1 HD Collection for the PS4. I’d like to see the trophy system Put into Crash 1-3, CTR, and Crash Bash.

    • bob

      Hey i’ll be dead serious when i say this but i’d totally pay 400 bucks for the PS4 just to buy that HD PS1 Collection, again im being dead serious!!!! 😀

      • bob

        Unless it comes to PS3 which would be even better for me cause i could buy it since my decision on buying a PS4 has not yet been decided at the present moment and i can survive on playing the PS3 2 and 1 without 4 to have a continuous fun time still!!!

  • Yansich

    Well…that’s bullshit.
    Naughty dog I have one word and for all the game makers around the world.
    Do not stop making cartoony games just because it will make you a grown up company like you said
    It is not “growing up” it’s bieng and idiot .
    People should play games like crash and jak .
    These days kids on age 8 playing GTA , Call Of Duty and more zombie games and killing games
    I don’t find it good if company’s around the world will do more cartoony and crash bandicoot and jaks style games this will be better to young kids to play .
    I think a parent buying a GTA for a 8 year old kid it’s horrible (and trust me it happens)
    But what other choise they have? A kid want a cool stuff like ps4 and he cries
    What other choise they have? (Okay maybe not age 8 but 10) but really ? Ok they bought a ps4 for the kid and now they don’t have a choise but to buy him a game that has a strip clans and hookers
    A murder game and all stuff like it and then people asking why is the kid acting like I don’t what
    If parents will have a better cartoony game like crash bandicoot to give for there 10 year old kid to play. He will grow up and then will play games like GTA so when a company say : “We Grown Up”
    It is the stuipest word to say . Well if I had mistakes in my English I sorry and that’s what I think about “grown up companies” thank you.

    • bob

      You are correct kids should not be exposed to this and it’s a shame sony would not give kids rated E games to play there pretty much just greedy for money for their mature audience that they don’t care to add a great amount of rated E games on the shelves for kids to pick out instead they pretty much are saying to kids if you buy a PS4 be warned that we do not have any safe content you are searching for and you’ll need a parent to allow you buy these games, to me Playstation 4’s audience is only meant for 20-40 however the REAL dominant audience for PS4 is probably ages 10-25 instead that probably overshadows the adult audience playing.

  • Guest

    Games nowadays r trying to be playable movies with ultra realistic graphics and stories. That’s cool and all but cartoon movies with great stories exist too, and if said movies were playable they’d be pretty damn awesome as well. Truth be told, it’s probably harder to make a new Crash or Jak and Daxter then it is to make a Uncharted and Last of Us. Character and environment design is SUCH a make or break for games of such stature. When dealing with a game like Crash and bringing him back in 2015, you have to make that fan that loves it for nostalgic reasons, that fan that loves it for the story, that fan that enjoys great gameplay, all love it some what the same way. Not to mention adding new innovative things to the game so it isnt necessarily a repeat, and elements that add replay value. All of half of these stressful things when recreating a Crash game could be solved with an open forum asking fans of all different types of Crash what they would want put into a new Crash game. And if not, hell, why not make a hd remake of a Crash or Jak and Daxter game. A new Crash and or Jak n Daxter can be done successfully with fan input. U can’t please everyone but with doing it that way, I’m sure they’ll be little to no negative feedback.

  • Kamarty Petersen

    But I hope they’re just trolling us so we can all feel sad n lose faith in a new great Crash or Jak game and then hit us with one out of no where. Because at the end of the day, Crash doesn’t show up on the Activision page, NOBODY knew about that cancelled Crash game while it was in creation that later leaked on DeviantArt after the cancellation. So they’re fully capable of telling us one thing and doing the complete opposite so we dont see it coming when it does happen.

    • bob

      Who knows maybe that’s the plan!!! 😉

  • Megabuster Man

    How bout a HD Remake or a Sequel to Jak X for the PS4? Such a great Underrated game, like CTR. Jak X with online play (ACTUAL ONLINE! for the longest time, i didn’t know it was possible to connect to the internet with my PS2 back then) A competitive Combat Racer would be SWEET to have! especially for the PS4 if they decide to do that.

    • Jason C

      EXACTLY! Jak X was an AMAZING racing game and on a new engine with better graphics?! SWEET!! And crash team racing I have for ps1 and I so have it purchased on my ps3 from the psn store. Amazing game. I agree with everything u just said. Amen.

  • TheRisingBee

    More grown up? Really? I still play crash and im freaking 18!

    • Guest

      I’m 23 and play Crash

    • Guest

      I’m 19 and hell, I still find myself going back to twinsanity and the wrath of cortex.

    • bob

      Word im in my 20’s now and i find the same rehash that games have nowadays with guns, car explosions, zombies, just boring now im an adult but for me im looking for something unique something fun something colorful and maybe sorta goofy too to play cause i just can’t find any reason inside of me to play those types of games just to seem cool or as others like to call it “being grown up gamers” phooey to that you could be freaking 40 years old and still enjoy whatever game you want to play there’s no age limit for the newest Mario game or Little big planet right? So naughty dog should know that there are gamers out there (like myself) still wanting a Mario/LBP type of a game like Crash and Jak and daxter from the company but i guess to them they just don’t see the love in those two characters anymore for this generation i guess and if that’s the case then that’s really sad indeed…:(

    • bob

      Word im in my 20’s now and i find the same rehash that games have nowadays with guns, car explosions, zombies, just boring now im an adult but for me im looking for something unique something fun something colorful and maybe sorta goofy too to play cause i just can’t find any reason inside of me to play those types of games with the guns in it ect just to seem cool or as others like to call it “being grown up gamers” phooey to that i say, you could be fricking 40 years old and still enjoy whatever game you want to play there’s no age limit to games once an adult, do you think the newest Mario game or Little big planet game that comes out is played only by kids? No! So naughty dog should know that there are gamers out there (like myself) still wanting a Mario/LBP type of a game like Crash and Jak and daxter from the company one day but i guess to them they just don’t see the love in those two characters or for any new cartoony character of an IP anymore for this generation i guess and if that’s the case then that’s really sad indeed…:(

  • Jon

    This is complete nonsense. If a game is good and the brand is recognisable, like Crash and Jak, it will sell and be played. Talking about how it is not as grown up as we are sounds like the studio is run by insecure hipsters.

    On that note, as much as people praise Naughty Dog, I would like to see them grow their storytelling in games beyond level, cutscene, level, cutscene. With games you should be able to integrate the storytelling with the level in a more organic way (splinter cell conviction did it well).

  • godzilla

    F*ck you naught dog, wtf you’re going to go with a franchise that didn’t even make nearly as much money as jak and daxter or crash, just a dumb ass mistake there

  • Daniel Tillin

    I think they should bring back crash and jak and daxter
    I still play the ps2/1versions of the game the problem is too many kids are playing gta .
    I am doing a lets play on jak and daxter to try to make them want to bring it back.
    Get as many people as you can to tweet #bring back crash. They should also tweet #bring back jak
    Spread the word on facebook twitter google+ any thing u can to help bring back jak and daxter and crash bandicoot im a kid not even a teen and i mostly play crash bandicoot and jak and daxter
    Show ur support

  • Wayne

    Give both to Insomniacs Games, we would get a new Crash and J&D game every 1-2 year’s with a great story and have a legit Jak & Daxter vs. Ratchet & Clank game.

    • Wired Whale

      Or they’d “future” the series. *shudders*

  • marc wenzler

    This better be a smoke screen because this world NEEDS a new CTR. NEEDS!!

  • SpaceRace

    Thank goodness. I want cinematic and majestic storytelling in my videogames, not furry pieces of shit that shoot guns or jump on turtles. Go play Nintendo crap if you want platformers with kiddie graphics.

  • wwwarea

    Realism and Story Telling > Gaming huh?
    No wonder we don’t have much amazing games these days.

    Also, how ageist to say that a “grown up” game is about boring realism garbage and only story telling (That only belongs in movies and shows).

    Crash was fine for what it is, and the simple story telling from those times were good enough.

    • Jason C

      I agree 100%

    • bob

      Totally agree with you on that

  • Raitis

    I really hope to see a new Jak & Daxter game some day.

  • Wired Whale

    Failing to see how focussing on grit and graphic violence as a means to attract an audience (as opposed to focusing on gameplay itself to drive a game) is more “grown up”. Visuals and extremities aren’t everything, and games don’t have to be hyper-realistic or edgy to be enjoyable. Have the 90s taught us nothing?

    Oh well. If their goal is to continue to rope in new 12-year-old players to enjoy their content, as opposed to show their older fans (the ones looking for nostalgia and a blast from the past, at least) what they want, then let them. Just please, for the love of God, sell the IPs to studios that could actually give us proper Crash and Jak games.

    • bob

      Word if Naughty dog won’t do it then another company can make me happy to bring them back instead (hopefully properly though and not like activisons’s terrible bring back of Spyro the dragon that was just yuck to look at honestly) but it has to happen sometime soon too though otherwise im never gonna have a true solid reason to fork over 400 bucks for that PS4 system right now…

      • Wired Whale

        Someone else tried it, and look what happened. They took his goatee, man. That’s like taking any other man’s balls…

        • bob

          Yeah, it goes to show don’t mess with a successful franchise unless you do it right like the original company/creators did

          • Wired Whale
          • bob

            Im not sure what to make of this…

          • Wired Whale

            Neither was Naughty Dog (and thank God).

          • bob

            Indeed, i still got hopes they could pull it off, to reboot one of their franchises like Crash or Jak and daxter! but we do know Jak and Daxter is still up to question on that one though..

          • Wired Whale

            I’d rather (and sooner expect to) see fan-made hacks and homebrews. MAKE IT HAPPEN, PEOPLE!

          • Wired Whale

            Neither was Naughty Dog (and thank God).

  • Wired Whale

    and forever will THIS be the grand finale for the series…

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a bit…

    • bob

      NO KIDDING….

  • Chris Sanchez

    Thank god, the Uncharted/Last of Us route is so much more exciting.
    Tired of these childish/mindless games that look like crap.

  • Pil1010

    This comment section seems more filled with nostalgia-driven people as opposed to people wanting the “fresh” ideas everyone here seems to be wanting. They are complaining about just doing the same thing for every game, good graphics, violence and blood, etc. Complaining that games that have been coming out lately are pretty much all the same.
    Not to say that I disagree with the games being similar, but the hypocrisy in that sort of statement is pretty big.
    “We don’t want identical things, so give us a rehash of something you gave us before!”

    You are quite literally complaining that you don’t want something that has identical properties to another game, but yet would love to have a game that has identical properties to another game.

    Also, if this is the direction the company chose to go, what right do you as a consumer have to complain? They have been releasing good games. Also, let them work on what they want to work on. A game developed with passion and ambition will be better than any game that is developed because it was demanded.

    • bob

      The reason realistic gaming is not that special anymore is because once you get to a certain point in graphics now with this gen looking 100% realistic then ever before where do you go from there with those types of games then in the future? add more guns? add more characters? add more zombies? you certainly can’t add just anything to a game that is meant to look like reality and not cartoony/imaginative, you can’t add something totally out of the box like a goomba or something in a game like Uncharted or Call of Duty cause that wouldn’t fit or make sense or look right nowadays since it’s got to be another Zombie or real life human villain because of the graphics mainly, anyway that’s where a company like Nintendo has the edge for making something totally out of the box and never before seen like there more recent IP of Splatoon that was a total shock to see!! or take Media Molecule with Little Big Planet on PlayStation for an example it is a game where everyone can play forever and have fun because the possibilities are endless in a game like that for something new and imaginative to play and fresh all around and have a fun time just whenever and MM has another too with Terraway, Minecraft is also out of the box too and always fun to play and go back too as well, and the reason there so distinctive and unique all around is because there not graphics/violence focused games only like Uncharted or the Last of us or Call of Duty franchises that currently needs more story sequels and weapons and violence and graphics and dlc to keep the fun going for those franchises unfortunately while Nintendo goes years without making another Super Mario or Zelda or Kirby game yet millions of people still go back to them to play them the 1000st or more again to replay them cause their rich in gameplay and fun every time and they would be compared to like re watching those timeless movie classics of Home Alone or Rocky or Forest Gump, they never get old!!!

  • Kevin Hendricks

    I think they bugging…..-_- Grown up?…Ha Ha Ha I have seen Ratchet and Clank Grown up and mature from 2002 till this very day…-_- and on top of that,if it wasn’t for Jak and Daxter,and Crash Uncharted and The Last Of Us would not have happened maybe maybe not,but we as fans want this,now a days it’s all about dam shooters,where the hell the long adventure games at?!?.In fact call me a liar but I’m sure Uncharted is just like Jak and Daxter….but more for adults….This is why I’m thinking about buying Uncharted 4..because the company doesn’t see what the real fans want….

  • ScaredOfClocks

    Jak and Daxter is my favorite game trilogy (we don’t talk about final frontier). If this is true then I am actually a little depressed that they won’t continue the series. I mean I don’t think of this article being credible due to reading a lot on the matter of a new game and them saying that they would like to return due to nostalgia, and the only thing stopping them is working on Uncharted 4 and the switch from a grounded world to a cartoonish. But they’d like to go back to both series and see what they could come up with.
    I don’t know, if there won’t be another Jak & Daxter game or Crash Bandicoot. Then Rest In Peace.

  • Vicar In Ubuntu

    More of the “gritty realism” trope from last decade, like every single game needs to be *epic* and *dark* and that playing a light-hearted cartoony game will automatically shrivel up your genitals and turn you into a diaper-wearing child.

  • EL Niño Tovar

    I actually have a new favorite dev. have you guys heard of CERNY GAMES INC? that’s right MARK CERNY is working on a game, A platformer I suppose, while he doesn’t make movies unlike some…. he makes real fun platformer games. CERNY GAMES INC > NAUGHTY CRAP.

  • So basically just mindless shooters or bust? Gaming is doomed.

  • bob

    I completely disagree and i being dead honest here when i say You officially are not a highly respectable company to me anymore Naughty dog only for the reason that your caring way too much about the hardcore franchise yet where’s the love for the games like Crash or Jak and daxter that are just fun and relaxing to play instead of just focusing on real life games and graphics to make it seem even more realistic it’s quite a shame you lost the love for going back to your roots just for a change cause now your company just seems very dull to me and i’d rather stick to Nintendo now to play the fun games and they have alot of fun/relaxing games to play so i can unwind and have a good time by myself or with friends all you guys have now is 2 games last of us and uncharted and honestly speaking there not games i will have fun with once i complete everything played the story a couple of times and maybe the online a little that is if it’s not haunted by Noobs i can’t stand shooters with Noobs taking over -_-

    • bob

      btw i hope this is a fake rumor and that you guys at Naughty Dog do care about all your gaming icons because i like Naughty Dog for not just one game genre being a shooter i like you guys for having that other genre side of you too with your 2 Crash and Jak IPs and revivng of Crash and Jak 4 would be a dream come true for us all!!!