Naughty Dog Has A Second Team Working On A New Game

Naughty Dog has a second team working on a new IP while its main studio focuses on Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, according to one of its senior developers.

In a podcast hosted by Game Informer, The Last of Us and Uncharted 4’s co-director Neil Druckmann was questioned on whether Naughty Dog still had a second development team – considering the high-profile departure last year of creative director Amy Hennig and others – or if it had been completely absorbed into Uncharted 4 development.

He replied: “There’s always been a back-and-forth fluctuation: when Uncharted 3 was in the thrust of it, that had most of the studio working on it; likewise, at the end of The Last of Us, that had almost the entire studio. So there’s a very small team that’s working on some prototype stuff for next game-y thing, but almost everybody else is on Uncharted 4.”

What could Naughty Dog’s second development team be working on? Let the speculation begin in the comments!

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