Amplitude: Multiplayer Details & First Gameplay Trailer Emerge

Harmonix has this week provided some new details on the upcoming reboot, and fan-induced revival, of the classic rhythm game Amplitude.

Yesterday, by way of the EU PlayStation Blog, Harmonix art director Ryan Lesser discussed the studio’s plans for its multiplayer mode for the PS3 and PS4 title. The key idea is team play.

In addition to providing free-for-all multiplayer action, Amplitude will allow players to create team battles such as two versus two and three versus one. Lesser discussed the challenges of introducing multiplayer to the game, and how Team Amplitude are aiming for the mode to be enjoyable in both a “party situation” and in a “competitive game community”.

Not only that, but there was also the slight matter of the first gameplay trailer being released:

Amplitude, which will be showcased at next month’s PAX East, definitely looks like it’s shaping up to be more than just another ‘re-imagining’. Let’s just hope we get some modern tracks for the title; we know you all want to get blisters on your fingers while keeping to the rhythm of Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift. Or maybe not.

Are you heading to PAX? Are there any songs that you want to see in the new Amplitude? Share your thoughts, and your taste in music, in the comments below.

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