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R. Mika Steps Into the Ring for Street Fighter V

Street Fighter veteran Rainbow Mika will be making an appearance in the upcoming Street Fighter V, Capcom has today announced.

A trailer released earlier, which is so booty-filled it’s got Kim Kardashian jealous, showcases Mika’s pro wrestling prowess as she pummels everybody’s favorite Street Fighter pretty boy, Vega. A slew of ground and aerial grabs, dropkicks and even a counter gives players a sense of what to expect from the masked contender. Yoko Harmegeddon, Mika’s tag-team partner, also enters the fight and helps her friend when Street Fighter V’s new V-trigger mechanic is activated.

Harmageddon can be summoned into battle to perform a variety of wrestling attacks that will presumably lengthen R. Mika’s combos and rack up stun on careless opponents, as shown in the trailer where Vega is eventually dizzied by the duo. The two also join forces for Mika’s ultra combo, which has the pair tossing an opponent into the air and slamming him/her between their backsides in a move we can only assume is called gladiator gluteus maximus.

The wrestler’s announcement has sparked Twitter excitement and was the butt of many jokes:

Mika’s first and only playable appearance to date came in Street Fighter 3 Alpha, where she had a rivalry with red cyclone and infamous Russian bear wrestler, Zangief. Other confirmed Street Fighter V fighters include M. Bison, Ryu, Cammy, Birdie, Ken, Chun-Li, Vega, newcomer Necalli and Guile’s friend Charlie Nash. A Street Fighter V beta will start tomorrow (Friday, August 28) at 4 PM PT and run until 7 AM PT September 2.

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