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Friday The 13th Official Announcement Trailer

Jason Voorhees, the iconic killer from the Friday the 13th film series, is receiving his very own 1v7 asymmetrical multiplayer game.

Players will attempt to survive a vicious attack from the near-invulnerable Voorhees as he attempts to rid the infamous Camp Crystal Lake of the most vicious blight on this earth: horny teenagers.

Developers Wes Keltner and Ronnie Hobbs from Gun Media hope to fund the game through Kickstarter, with $700,000 required for development to begin. The project was previously entitled Summer Camp and has been rebranded thanks to a joint venture with Friday the 13th creator Sean Cunningham. Cunningham was impressed by the original idea and allowed the team to turn a homage into their dream project. Ronnie Hobbs explains:

“Basically, we were a Friday the 13th video game; we just didn’t have the license… I’ve wanted to create a Friday the 13th video game nearly my whole life, so to hear him validate our work on Summer Camp was the highest honor… He said if this license will make your game better, then I’d love for you to have it.”

The authenticity of the venture will be further enhanced by the recruitment of a number of F13 creators, such as special effects master Tom Savini and the original composer Harry Manfredini. Even the orginal Jason, Kane Hodder, will return to perform all of the killer’s motion capture performances, so expect this to be the most genuine recreation without the need for first degree murder and the cost of renting a summer camp for the day. Gun Media has stressed that the game won’t skimp out on blood and guts, refusing to settle for anything less than a mature rating.

In terms of gameplay, seven players will take the roles of camp counsellors, while one lucky individual will be behind the machete and hockey mask of Jason himself. Survival is the goal, as Jason is intended to be nearly unbeatable. But through a combination of team work, skill and a sprinkling of luck, Jason can in fact be defeated for an ‘epic’ win condition. This won’t be easy as Jason will be able to ambush, trap and kill counsellors ruthlessly. The experience is currently expected to be multiplayer only, but single player has in no way been ruled out.

This isn’t Jason’s first foray into videogames. The first Friday the 13th adaptation was released in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Recently, Jason was included in the Mortal Kombat X roster as DLC.

Friday the 13th is expected to be launching on PS4, Xbox One and PC – but no release date has been discussed.

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