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Stanley Parable Co-Creator Teases Upcoming Game

After recently announcing his new studio Crows Crows Crows, The Stanley Parable co-creator and developer William Pugh has today updated the studio’s website with an interactive teaser including new screenshots of an unannounced, unnamed game.

By visiting the studio’s website, visitors are tasked with participating in several puzzles to uncover what seem to be ambiguous documents and messages. These bits of information are believed to be related to the studio’s upcoming game.

Crowsx3 Tunnel

Crowsx3 Green

Although not much is currently known, there are several individuals that are trying to crack the puzzle. If you give it a try, I wish you luck as it is far from straight-forward and contains several hidden paths and items. Other bits and pieces that have been uncovered, other than the three images displayed above, include seemingly unintelligible images and sound files.

Hopefully more details will be unveiled soon as Crows Crows Crows’ forthcoming game will likely pique the interest of many after the success of The Stanley Parable.

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