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An In-Depth Look at WWE 2K16’s Universe Mode

The release of WWE 2K16 is now less than a week away, and the vast majority of hype so far has concerned the game’s overhauled creation suite, expansive roster, and 2K Showcase mode.

One returning feature that hasn’t received a lot of attention but has received a fair amount of retooling, however, is the Universe Mode. Earlier today, YouTube user TonyPizzaGuy provided fans with an in-depth look at this year’s sandbox/management sim-style feature.

While Tony was playing an early version of the game, and therefore didn’t have access to all of the newly added storylines and cutscenes, his video nevertheless sheds a lot of light on some of WWE 2K16’s Universe Mode additions.

The mode integrates with the newly-reintroduced create-an-arena and create-a-show modes, allowing users to import their own custom arenas and shows for use in Universe mode, where they can also select a real-world location for their card, and the style of video transitions to be used in between matches. Want to run an ECW PPV at the ECW Arena in Philly? No problem.

WWE 2K16 Universe Mode

In WWE 2K16, users can affiliate superstars with either singular or multiple shows, as well as deciding whether or not they will make appearances on minor shows such as Superstars.

In Universe’s story options, meanwhile, users can select whether to turn automatic rivalries on or off, as well as specific options for Undertaker’s Wrestlemania streak rivalry, a Royal Rumble winner’s rivalry and Survivor Series rivalry. On the subject of rivalries, after each ‘rival match’, users are greeted with a results screen, detailing each superstar’s personality traits, crowd reaction, and relationships with other wrestlers – as well as being informed whether the result of their match impacted upon any of these.

Another notable introduction to Universe mode is an increased selection of status effects. Ranging from week or month-long injuries to to boosts in overall attributes on the back of a dominant win streak, these effects bring elements of RPGs into the series. Rather than being assigned by the player, they are awarded based on random events and player actions during the course of their Universe mode match-ups.

Overall, on the basis of TonyPizzaGuy’s video, Universe mode looks to be a worthy inclusion in WWE 2K16, which releases on October 27 across current and last-gen consoles.

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