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Horizon: Zero Dawn Shown in New Extended Gameplay Video

During the Paris Games Week Conference, Sony showed off a new trailer for Guerrilla Games’ (Killzone) highly anticipated title Horizon: Zero Dawn. The footage had previously been shown only to members of the press behind closed doors.

In the eight minute gameplay walkthrough, we are shown action-RPG and stealth elements used within the game’s open world. The red-headed, female protagonist, Aloy, is seen using multiple weapons, taking down enemies of various sizes using different strategies, and picking up items for crafting.

As previously discussed at E3, Horizon: Zero Dawn takes place 1000 years into the future in the now-infamous “post, post apocalypse.” In the video, Mark Norris, senior producer of Guerilla Games, states that Aloy has been sent on a mission by a tribe to obtain a valuable resource from the backs of antelope-esque machines named Grazers.

It is explained that stealth will be a major component of the game as Aloy is shown hiding in tall-grass before using a bow and arrow as well as a spear to take the machines down. When destroying Grazers, Aloy uses tactics such as stealth takedowns, melee combat, and explosive traps highlighting tactful gameplay versatility. Aloy’s combat strategies change when facing a massive machine called Thunder Jaw in which our heroin must use her bow and arrow to shoot of the enemy’s “disc launcher” to then destroy the monster’s armor plates.

The RPG elements of the game are seen as numbers pop up on the screen indicating damage values in the style of Borderlands. RPG elements can also be seen with an XP bar, item crafting, and loot and item pickups.

If you haven’t already, check out the video above to see the amazing gameplay. Horizon: Zero Dawn is expected to launch in 2016 on the PS4.

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