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Epic Games Reveals New Game Paragon

Epic Games updated their website today to reveal Paragon, a game that appears to be a shooter, currently in development by the studio. In the teaser trailer for the game, Epic shows off one of the characters, Twinblast, that possesses two pistols each held by the character’s two bionic arms.

When accessing the website, Twinblast is the only available character to click on with the names Steel, Sparrow, Dekker, and Grux listed next to Twinblast. It looks as though these characters will be revealed throughout November and into December. After clicking on Twinblast, the viewer is shown text that states “Go in. Both guns blazing.” before being asked to choose from a list of items/perks to “unlock.” The viewer is then informed that their “gear” has been unlocked and given a chance to sign up for the beta.

Although, admittedly, it is assumed Paragon is a shooter, this information is currently unknown. Given Epic’s track-record, this assumption comes with confidence, but it’s worth noting that the game may be something else entirely. Expect Paragon to be released on PC in “early 2016.”

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