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WWE 2K16: 2K Games Promises Patch Amidst Glitches & Technical Issues


2K Games has assured users it is working on a patch for the recently released WWE 2K16 to address a number of glitches and technical issues that have reportedly being plaguing the game.

Community manager Bryan Vore took to the title’s official forums this week to respond to a number of user complaints about the stability of WWE 2K16’s servers, various Universe Mode glitches that have led male superstars to win women’s championships, and missing audio commentary.

“Some have had intermittent server issues,” Vore commented. “We been updating the server hardware and optimizing the servers… We will continue to monitor and improve the servers, but if you still experience a problem please tell us with as many details as possible.”

Vore also acknowledged a number of other reported issues, including those listed above in addition to users being limited as to when they can set title matches in Universe Mode, and promised to have an “update soon” – though stopped short of providing a potential release date, telling one user:

“I understand your frustration. The team is working hard on the issues the community is bringing forward. I’m sending them over myself. I wish I had fix details for you and a patch date, but I can’t give what I don’t have. If you’re having a problem be sure to bring it here with as many details as you can provide and we’ll investigate.”

It’s certainly been a busy week for the 2K community manager, who had to intervene yesterday after a prominent community creations member was banned for uploading a custom wrestler modelled on shamed superstar Hulk Hogan.

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  • Dan

    I think 2K should be ashamed of themselves. Not only are the aforementioned issues spoiling my enjoyment of the game, but attires are not unlocking despite meeting the requirements for them.

    Career mode is one repetitive joke. Title matches are not given unless you start a rivalry. I spent 6 months as number 1 contender for the NXT title without a single title shot, then after researching online, was told to start a rivalry with the champ, then got the title match at the PPV two in game weeks later.

    For an entire year after winning the US title, 80 percent of my matches were normal matches against John Cena.

    The authority orders are ridiculous. They expect me to win by DQ against a face like cena (who would never break the rules).

    The submission system is the most broken thing I have ever experienced in a game.

    Also 2K ignored 6 comments/messages on facebook about it and have ignored 2 email support tickets on their website anout issues I’m having.

    Also, there’s the app they promised us which still hasn’t materialised to help put our face into the game. The current method of uploading via the website (even with a high definition clear face picture) doesn’t work and makes me look either deformed or nothing like me.

    This game is halfway through development and shouldn’t have been released until january.

    Disgraceful company. Companies like 2K who encounter this many issues with a game at launch should be fined heavily for selling shoddy goods.

    • Sulley

      I think you should be ashamed of yourself for thinking that a game that only has a year to be developed would be perfect and bug free. You should’ve waited and read reviews of this game before purchasing it.

      • Dan

        You what? ME be ashamed? Turn it in.

        I didn’t expect it to be bug free. But there’s a huge difference between a few bugs and a complete infestation. THAT is what 2K16 is, a bug infestation in an unfinished game, with advertised features STILL missing.

    • Jeff Schnure

      I completely agree with you. I’m amazed at what 2K can get away with.

      • Dan

        Well, I’m done with 2K personally. Gave them time, but no updates, no release date for the companion app, no information at all and no support.

        I’ve since taken the game back for an exchange, quoting the sales of goods act (product not being fit for purpose nor meeting the advertised pre launch specs of said app being available and the overwhelming amount of bugs with zero support to back it up).

        Got Assassins Creed instead and fallout. Never buying another 2K game again.

  • Aj Turnbull

    My problems started by not even being signed into my account with my WiFi so used my fones hotspot that work and let me into get my season pass n download terminator,got into creations but was goin out so never got good look at the caws,but now I get in through my WiFi also tried my fone again but keep getting told error communicating with server and this has went on since I got the game 30/10/15 took me 3 days to top wallet n get season pass so pritty p’d off at present! How long till the PS3 servers r working properly

  • Astronema Silverfox

    I love the glitch where bray wyatt is giving sister abigail to thin air after a match lol

  • Gareth Lethbridge

    Iv just baught the game and what a waste nothing is working properly