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Final Fantasy IX Coming to PC and Mobile in 2016

Today, on their Japanese website, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy IX, one of the greatest and most underrated games in the Final Fantasy series, is making it’s way to PC and mobile devices in 2016.

To those familiar with the PC releases of Final Fantasy VII and VIII, FFIX will follow the same pattern: It will feature the original PlayStaion 1 gameplay, music, and so forth, with updated character models and smoother graphics. It is also worth noting that the above trailer shows a new, slick battle menu that will replace the large, blocky menus from the original game.

Final Fantasy IX was originally released in 2000 for the PlayStation, and was met with critical acclaim. FFIX returns the series to its classic, medieval RPG roots, and features a strong cast of complex and lovable characters, a compelling stoyline, and some of the best music in the series. But, being overshadowed by its predecessors, FFVII and FFVIII, as well as the hugely popular Final Fantasy X which was released just a year later, FFIX failed to garner the level of praise as the games surrounding it.

The PC release of FFIX comes as a surprise, albeit a much sought after one. It is the only main Final Fantasy title yet to be given some sort of HD upgrade, port, or remake. No official release dates for the PC or mobile versions have been given other than it is “coming soon.”

You can hype yourself up for the re-release by watching the following video, in which I explain why Final Fantasy is my favorite series, and why Final Fantasy IX is my all-time favorite game.

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