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Bravely Second: Details on Demo and Limited Edition

Bravely Second: End Layer has received its North American release date: April 15, 2016. The Limited Edition runs for $70 and comes with a 10-track music CD and a 250-page art book. Some time before the game releases, a 10-hour demo will be available from the e-Shop. That’s right, 10 hours long. For the demo.

Said demo is called Ballad of the Three Cavaliers and tells a different story than the main game. Based on the title, it will center around Yew and his crew, though Magnolia is likely to star in it as well. Naturally, bonuses collected during demo play will transfer over to the main game, as was the case with Bravely Default.

Bravely Second is the follow-up to Square Enix’s successful JRPG revival, Bravely Default, which has been praised for its retro, turn based combat style, and old-school Final Fantasy-like storytelling. Bravely Second should have no trouble filling the shoes of its predecessor.

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