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LCS Spring Split – Week 3 Round Up

Holy moley, that was a hell of a week. A substantial amount of the games finished within 35 minutes, despite the fact that most of them were back and forth games. Only a couple were a complete drubbing. Since I’ve mentioned a drubbing, might as well touch on that first.


Not the scoreline you expect when you see NRG vs TSM on the schedule, but over the course of a very short game NRG destroyed TSM. Not only was it a dominant showing from NRG; they shut TSM out giving up 0 kills, while putting up 19 kills of their own. NRG were all over the map, and with their aggressive play style they kept the pressure on throughout, never allowing TSM to get a foothold to stage a comeback.

C9 Sit Bunny Fufu

Finally some clarity for fantasy players, it seems like Bunny Fufu will be riding the bench going forward after Hai started both games at support this week. Personally I’m shocked it took the team 3 weeks to figure out that when Hai is in the game, their level of play is far superior compared to when Bunny starts. That showed this week with a convincing win against Dignitas, despite a couple of early mistakes C9 turned the game on it’s head and pulled out a win. They’re a far cry from the C9 that took the NA LCS by storm, after all they split their games this week with a loss to TSM. However every week there appears to be some improvement from the team, and with so much of the season left, it’s anyone’s guess where C9 will end up

G2 Take The Lead

The EU LCS is a lot less crowded at the top following week 3, topping the table are newcomers G2 E-Sports. Behind a roster with less well known players; Trick and Emperor are the two names fans of the 2015 NA LCS may be familiar with. G2’s rise to success has been meteoric, right now Trick is leading all junglers in assists with 52. The strength of G2 isn’t just in one or two players, their whole roster is extremely good, and more importantly the team appears to be clicking right now. To claim the top spot G2 comfortably surpassed Fnatic, and then went on to dispatch Unicorns of Love without too much trouble. Only one other team shares G2’s 5-1 record and that’s H2K, sadly we’ll have to wait til week 5 before these two teams go head to head.

Origen Back to The Original

After struggling early in the season, Origen appear to be back on track after winning both their matchups this week. This is more what we expected from OG this year, after all they only made one offseason change; bringing in mid laner Powerofevil who has turned out to be a great addition. OG cruised past Roccat in 35 minutes, with Powerofevil coming up big with 3 kills and 9 assists which equates to 100% kill participation. He was equally involved in the game against Elements, contributing 1 kill and 12 assists. This return to form for Powerofevil was a catalyst for success this week, with the team playing exceptionally around him. It’s fair to say that Origen appear to have turned the corner and are on their way back to being one of the premier teams in Europe.

Immortals Still Unbowed

This one really needs no explaining, Immortals are still undefeated. They blew past Renegades and Echo Fox this week, granted both of their opponents entered the week with only 1 win so it’s not exactly shocking that IMT come out of the week at 6-0. The way IMT are playing they genuinely have a shot to go undefeated all the way through, something former Fnatic stars Reignover and Huni will find all to familiar.

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