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Fantasy LCS – Love / Hate for Week 6

Players I love for Week 6

Perkz – Mid – G2 eSports

Anyone who picked up Perkz either in their draft or as a free agent has to be feeling pretty happy with themselves right about now. With 192.66 points on the split, averaging 4.1 kills a game Perkz enters the week as the 4th highest scoring mid laner for the season.  This week G2 will be taking on Fnatic, which sees him take on Febiven, in what should be a fairly even matchup between two very good players. Ultimately I think G2 will help Perkz come out ahead on this one, but expect it to be close. Perkz will make up the bulk of his points this week is game 2 vs Roccat, who are currently bottom of the standings and coming off a 0-2 week. I’m assuming that Xpepii will resume starting for ROC but, regardless of who starts, expect them to be heavily outclassed.  Given his performance so far, check if Perkz is available. After all, he’s only owned in 59.5% of leagues.

Gate- Support- TIP

You wouldn’t think it but Gate is having a surprisingly good season. Despite being moved around on almost a weekly basis at the start of the split, he’s still the 7th highest scoring support thus far. Gate’s regular roaming plays, along with a synergy with Mash which appears to solidify more each week means he’s a good start this week. TIP do have to face CLG this week, but don’t let that scare you off, the bot lane for CLG hasn’t lived up to it’s potential. The pairing of ADC Stixxay and Aphromoo looked like it would be a juggernaut, in reality, however, it’s been less troublesome for opponents. Gate and Mash should have little trouble holding their own against CLG come Saturday. Next on their docket is Echo Fox on Sunday, and despite a bit of a resurgence for FOX, I’m not convinced that Keith and Big will be able to handle the aggression from Mash and Gate. This is set to be the easier of the two games Impulse plays this week, though neither contest should present too much of an issue.

Players I Hate For Week 6

Lourlo – Top – TL

Naturally, when you see Immortals on the schedule, you instantly begin to reconsider a players start-ability, it’s a matchup that’s impossible not to worry about this split. Not only will Liquid be facing IMT this week, which means Lourlo will be facing Huni, who is well, it’s Huni, you don’t want any part in that. Not only will TL be facing IMT this week, they’ll also be playing against Echo Fox. As recent as a week ago, Team Fox were easy fantasy points, but with the return of their original starting roster, that status is now questionable at best. Fox top laner, kfo, was outstanding this week, finishing the week just 1.2 points behind Huni and ahead of several notable players. The way FOX are playing, this matchup has all the makings of a trap game and with Immortals on the other side of the schedule, it doesn’t add up to a good week to have Lourlo in your line-up.

Altec – ADC – NRG

Hopes were high for Altec when the NRG roster was announced, the team looked like a genuine contender. Unfortunately the past couple of weeks, Altec hasn’t looked good, nor has the team. Forgetting for a second that NRG lost to CLG, they got absolutely crushed by Echo Fox in what they presumably thought would be an easy win. In both games Altec just didn’t look like himself, and it’s possible the loss to FOX has put him even further on tilt. Being even slightly tilted is tantamount to a death sentence for NRG this week as they face Dignitas and C9.

It’s fair to say the Saturday game against DIG will be the easier of the two, but it won’t be easy. Apollo and Kiwikid have been playing fairly solid League of Legends right now, and are a safe bet to not give up too much ground to NRG’s bot lane. C9 however have been on fire, they put up the best game against Immortals of any team so far and are heating up for the back half of the split. Hai’s return to the starting roster has been a catalyst for this stretch of exciting play from C9. Coupled with the reliable play from Sneaky, which isn’t all that flashy, but has been exceptionally effective, Altec and Konkwon are likely in for a game of being pushed under their tower.

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