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Puzzle Platformer Prisma Joins Square Enix Collective Contenders


Days after receiving approval on Steam Greenlight, puzzle platformer Prisma is continuing its positive momentum by becoming the latest pitch to be showcased on Square Enix Collective’s website.

Developed by Atlanta-based indie studio Shiny Bolt, the 2.5D side-scroller sees players curiously make use of different coloured dimensions, and the abilities they provide, in order to progress. The title proved popular with attendees to the Rezzed zone at this weekend’s EGX 2016, and developer Alex Méndez told Power Up Gaming the team hopes a positive response from Square Enix’s indie arm will ultimately springboard Prisma to Kickstarter success further down the line.

The game won the E3 College Game Competition in 2014, with the team currently focusing on developing the game as a passion project while holding down jobs in the entertainment industry.

Prisma features explorer Ray as its protagonist, who is able to harness the powers of different coloured dimensions in order to find and collect magical masks scattered across the world of Aura. Blue, for example, allows Ray to jump higher, while yellow grants her the ability to run faster, and red lets her punch through blockades. As the levels get tougher and tougher, players must combine these abilities in order to solve various challenges and puzzles.

The game is provisionally due to release on PC, Mac and PS4 in 2017. Mac and Windows demos are currently available for download from Prisma’s official website.

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