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Serious Sam VR Launches on Steam Early Access This Month

Serious Sam VR

It might not be how fans expected to get their next gore-filled dose of cathartic violence, but Serious Sam is about to get seriously virtual when it makes its VR debut through Steam Early Access on October 17.

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope will launch at $39.99 and will require an HTC Vive, with support for Oculus Rift coming down the line once the Oculus Touch controls are out, according to a release by publisher Devolver Digital.

In what’s described as a classic arcade FPS action title, players will use full motion controls to blow up waves of new and old monstrosities of the suicidal kind in bloody style. And there’s allegedly going to be a pretty vast and crazy array of weaponry and power-ups to help you indulge in the carnage, too.

Developer Croteam revealed that the full version will eventually feature more planets, enemies, weapons, bosses, power-ups, a new difficulty mode, and more. “The game is planned to achieve its full potential in the next six months, but could be longer depending on the users’ feedback,” developer Croteam writes on the game’s Steam store page.

A quick visit to the Steam forums for the title yields the usual fan hype, mixed in with highly skeptical reservations about another developer taking on Early Access and, what some fans refer to as, gimmicky VR features. Others are just anxiously awaiting a fully-fledged Serious Sam sequel.

The developers have tried to reassure players that they will be listening closely to player feedback on Steam forums until issues get ironed out.

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