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Fight Off Deadites in Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare, Now for Android

It looks like people can now play along to one of horror’s most iconic movies: Evil Dead. Today, Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare has today been released for Android smartphones and tablets.

A collaboration between developers Dream Country Ltd and Inlifesize Ltd, the game looks to bring the evil curse to players. Set as a first-person runner, Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare will take players across multiple locations seen throughout the film, as well as featuring real movie track audio. The game will also utilize realistic 3D graphics and authentic camerawork to recreate the mood set in the film. Players will use movie-authentic weapons, such as the iconic shotgun and chainsaw, to fight off Deadites in their attempt to run from the cabin, through the woods, to ultimately fight the Evil Witch.

Evil Dead: Endless Nightmare is available as a free download via Google Play, with in-app purchases of powerups, bonuses, and upgrades to aid in the challenge. The game has been available for download on iOS devices since October 20.

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