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Former Battlefield & Payday 2 Developer Announces Viking RPG Project Wight

Project Wight

The studio co-founded by former Battlefield developer and Payday 2 director David Goldfarb has today unveiled its debut title: an RPG based around vikings, codenamed Project Wight.

Taking to the stage at the Unite 2016 Keynote, the CEO of The Outsiders, Ben Cousins, presented a sneak peek at a prototype demo developed by the studio in two-and-a-half months using the Unity engine.

Project Wight is set in an alternate history of the early viking era, where human beings share the planet with, and ultimately hunt, another form of intelligent creature. Initially, players take on the role of a young creature, as he searches for his parents. As a youngster, the creature is weak and can only move on all-fours; he must rely on stealth to evade humans and stay alive.

The game seems to have an age progression system; the demo shown off jumped ahead to a later point in the game where the creature had become an adolescent and much more powerful.

Shortly following the presentation, The Outsiders uploaded the following gameplay demo to YouTube – this time narrated by Goldfarb himself:

The company gave no indication of when the full game might launch, but users can find them on Facebook to follow the project’s development.

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