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Robinson: The Journey Players Report on Actual Game Length and Motion Sickness Issues; Share New Screenshots

Robinson The Journey VR

A number of players who received their copy of PSVR title Robinson: The Journey a week prior to its release have been commenting on the game’s play length, motion sickness issues and more.

As we reported earlier, US retailer Best Buy broke the street date for the Crytek-developed title by shipping it on Monday, allowing some users who had pre-ordered the game online to play it earlier than expected.

Now, as customers’ orders are starting to be received, users are starting to share their experiences with the virtual reality exploration title.

According to Reddit user nivok, a full play-through of the game took him three hours and 26 minutes to complete – putting it at the lower end of Crytek’s estimate of three-to-five hours. According to nivok, he didn’t rush through the game, but nor “did [he] scan every little thing”.

Meanwhile, a number of other users have reported suffering from simulation sickness – which is prevalent in virtual reality as a whole – whilst playing the title, particularly when turning and strafing [1] [2]. The Journey does apparently include ‘comfort settings‘ for movement to help alleviate some of these issues, however.

Nivok also shared a number of screenshots he took from his copy of the game. While the images themselves aren’t in the best of quality, they do show off a couple of Robinson’s impressive vistas, alongside some of its prehistoric beasts. You can check out these screens in our slideshow below.

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For those who are in the US, online retailer Amazon still has the game listed for pre-order at $39.96 – $20 below MSRP. Prime members can pick up the title for only $32.

Robinson: The Journey is scheduled to officially release on November 8 in North America, and November 9 in Europe.

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  • IamTylerDurden1

    Looks gorgeous

  • BelAirBoss

    I have been really looking forward to this game for quite some time, but that playtime is really disappointing. I expected considerably more, quite frankly. I’m still looking forward to it, but apparently it won’t be quite the experience I was hoping for.