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PS4 Pro Resolution Options & Possible Firmware Version Revealed as Walmart Reportedly Breaks Console’s Street Date

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A flurry of new information about the PS4 Pro is being released today, after multiple Walmart locations reportedly broke the console’s street date of November 10.

Twitter user Juniper Roth, who is based in Tucson, AZ was able to purchase the supercharged PS4 system at a local outlet, and has been uploading a number of videos of the unit to his YouTube channel, Maxwell Inc. Studios.

PS4 Pro Walmart

Significantly, the same user also shared a screenshot of the console’s video output and resolution settings, and has taken to Twitter to answer a number of user questions about the PS4 Pro.

PS4 Pro Resolution

In response to another question, Roth confirmed that he had upgraded the PS4 Pro’s firmware to version 4.05 after connecting to its online services; suggesting the console comes shipped with version 4.0 or 4.01 of Sony’s system software. Whilst this may seem ostensibly insignificant, it could potentially be of great interest to the hacking community, given the recent demonstration of a possible exploit in 4.01.

Meanwhile, it appears the Walmart in Arizona is not the only one to have broken the PS4 Pro’s street date. According to Reddit user NothingTrivial, his local store has the console on display on the shop floor, and he was able to walk in and purchase one at the tills.

Some users have suggested the retailer employs an automated ‘street date’ restriction as part of its POS system – though it appears staff evidently have the power to override this on a case-by-case basis.

Ps4 Pro Walmart

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