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Watch Dogs 2 to Add New Online Game Mode; Other Multiplayer Tweaks Coming

Watch Dogs 2

For those who don’t like the idea of hacking other players, fear not: Watch Dogs 2 is set to include neutral online encounters, while a number of other multiplayer tweaks are in the works.

The news comes by way of Ubisoft community developer Chase Straight, who confirmed the studio is holding back the feature until it fixes some of the stability issues that have plagued the recently released game’s online game modes.

Many fans had expressed their disappointment over the fact that Watch Dogs 2 had excluded online free roam – a mode found in its 2014 predecessor – but it seems a similar option may be coming soon after all. In a statement, Straight said:

“There is one remaining minor feature, ‘neutral encounters’, that will only be activated once we’re fully comfortable with the performance of the core seamless online experience. This is the feature where you can randomly encounter other players on the street in your world as you explore.”

Separately, the developer also confirmed that a number of other changes will be coming to the game’s online multiplayer – depending on player feedback and other compiled data:

“We’ll be monitoring and balancing the online game modes. Taking into account feedback we collect online, and also the in-game data.

“We’ll be making some other tweaks to the online gameplay as well.”

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