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All Moves In WWE 2K17’s New Moves Pack DLC Revealed

WWE 2K17 Brock Lesnar

All of the holds, manoeuvres and finishers included in WWE 2K17’s upcoming DLC, the New Moves Pack, have been revealed today.

The pro wrestling sim’s latest expansion is expected to release at some point over the next couple of weeks, but we at Power Up Gaming have managed to secure early access to the add-on after the game’s 1.04 title update managed to accidentally install the DLC for selected season pass holders.

With 2K Games remained tight-lipped to date on the extent of the moves included in the DLC, we can reveal that a total of 39 individual and five tag-team moves are featured in the pack – and you can check out a full list of them below.

Individual Moves

Air Raid Crash Neckbreaker
Ankle Lock 2
Ankle Lock 3
Arm Trapped Crossface 2
Back Suplex Facebuster 2
Bridging Fujiwara Armbar
Deadlift Falcon Arrow
Diced Bread
Diving Codebreaker
Diving El-Bro Drop
Eight Second Ride
Electric Chair Driver
Electric Chair Half Nelson Driver
Euro Uppercut Combo
Face Wash Combo
Fallaway Moonsault Slam
Fireball Punch
Fireman’s Carry Side Slam
Fujiwara Armbar 3
Full Nelson Reverse STO
Gory Special Flatliner
Gourdbuster G.T.S.
Headstand Headscissor
Jumping Knee Strike 7
Middle Rope Neckbreaker
Pop-Up Cutter
Pop-Up Up Kick
Rope Hung Flatliner
Sit-Out Chickenwing Facebuster
Sit-Out Full Nelson Facebuster
Slingshot Spear
Snapmare & Single Leg Dropkick
Straight Jacket Backstabber
Swing Out Neckbreaker
TJP Clutch
Two Amigos
Vertical Leap Senton Bomb
Wrist Clutch Lever Pull

Tag-Team Moves
Brainbuster/Roundhouse Kick
Fist Drop/Shooting Star Combo
Superkick/Knee Smash Combo
Thunder Valley

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